O naturze filozoficznego zabobonu – według Innocentego Józefa M. Bocheńskiego

Jan Franciszek Jacko


Jan Franciszek Jacko

On the Nature of Philosophical Superstitions – according to Joseph M. Bocheński


This text analyzes the concept of philosophical superstition according to Joseph Maria Bocheński. It specifies sufficient conditions for beliefs and statements to be a philosophical superstition. Philosophical superstitions consist in specific contradictions in beliefs or statements: (a) Superstitions assume or contain contradictory beliefs or statements or/and (b) they are inconsistent with direct experiences or (c) beliefs of their followers, or/and (d) without sufficient reasons superstitions contradict what has already been sufficiently justified or/and (e) they contradict semantic rules of reference of a language in which they are formulated.

Keywords: Bocheński, analytic philosophy, superstition, the social role of philosophy, philosophy of language, logics of beliefs, epistemology.

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