Russellowska krytyka argumentów na rzecz istnienia Boga

Natalia Marcinowska


Bertrand Russell’s Critique of the Arguments for the Existence of God

The paper presents Bertrand Russell’s critique of arguments for the existence of God. I divided the theistic arguments which Russell criticizes into three groups. The first group involves arguments concerning the relation between Universe and God: the First Cause argument, the Natural law argument and the argument from Design. The second group is related to the concept of God as a moral Lawmaker and it contains the argument from morality and the argument from remedy for injustice. The last group of arguments pertains to the relation between God and human beings. Here, I consider Russell's reflections on the validity of the argument from religious experience and his approach to the issue of the foundation of religion. The aim of this article is to consider whether Russellian argumentation against evidence for God's existence is justified.

Keywords: Bertrand Russell, existence of God, argument, philosophy of religion, evidence.

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