Twardowskiego koncepcja nauk indukcyjnych (krytyczne omówienie stanowiska)

Jarosław Mrozek


In one of Kazimierz Twardowski’s articles dedicated to the methodology of science, the author makes a distinction between the a priori and a posteriori sciences. Specifying the criterion for this distinction and clearly presenting the specificity of both types of science, at the end of the article, he concludes: “a posteriori or empirical sciences are therefore rightly called inductive sciences because they are the only sciences in which induction can serve as the ultimate justification of claims ...”. This statement suggests that Twardowski considered the inductive method as the proper method of developing natural sciences, which were assumed to be empirical. In this sense he can be considered, and viewed as, the proponent of inductionism. The paper is an attempt at taking a critical stance towards the inductionistic attitude of Kazimierz Twardowski.

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